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We'll Help Get A Tax Debt Loan

Posted by Positive Solutions Finance on Oct 13, 2017 10:10:00 AM

Got A Tax Debt?

Got Equity In Your Home?

We’ll Help Get A Tax Debt Loan.

This year the Australian Taxation Office announced that from 1 July 2017 that they would start to disclose to Credit Reporting Agencies

Tax debt information on businesses that have not effectively engaged with the ATO to manage outstanding Tax debt.

Businesses with an ABN and with Tax debt greater than $10,000 which is at t least 90 days overdue have been targeted and this type of listing carries with it a negative impact on your credit file for 5 years.

Tax debt appearing on your Business balance sheet often seems to create the misconception that your business is in trouble and because of this most Lenders will automatically decline loans where tax debt exists let alone let you borrow to finance the repayment of tax debt.

That’s where Positive Solutions Finance can help. We are specialty Lenders who see things differently and by using the equity in your existing residential property and consolidating any existing debts as well as your Tax debt into a new Debtstroyer Home Loan we can not only eliminate your tax debt but also negotiate with your existing Creditors lower debt settlement amounts.

Positive Solutions Finance specialise in tailoring solutions to suit all your business needs so whether you are a sole trader, a partnership or a company we can help you get back on track through our range of business services.

Our aim is to help you consolidate your debts into one new Home Loan , eliminate the stress, improve your cash flow and allow you to do what you do best -running your business and concentrating on keeping it healthy for the long term.

Positive Solutions Finance prides itself on having experienced non judgemental staff in place to help resolve all your debt issues especially those involving Tax Debt Please contact us on 1800 560 592 for free confidential advice.

For further information on business loans, check out our business loans page.

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